Engineering World Health at UCSD

Designing low-cost medical devices addressing the needs of low-resource communities.



Engineering World Health at UCSD is a nationally backed organization dedicated to improving medical health and living standards in developing communities around the world. Through student-run projects and activities, we offer students the opportunity to develop engineering research and design skills, communication skills, and the chance to network with motivated, internationally aware individuals, all while contributing to solving vital international medical problems.

What is EWH?

Engineering World Health (EWH) at UC San Diego focuses on improving the state of global healthcare by spreading awareness, and developing members' interdisciplinary engineering skills required to design low-resource medical devices. We accept students from all majors and walks of life who share our passion for improving global healthcare.

  • Working on year-long student-led projects, each addressing a specific medical need found in low-resource areas.
  • Hosting events such as technical skills workshops, a global health speaker series, and project showcases.
  • Submitting finalized designs to national Engineering World Health design competition.
  • Past projects include: Solar Sterilization and Distillation Unit, a Pneumonia-Preventing Air Filter, a Wearable Thermoelectric Generator, a Gyro-Stabilized Drug Transport Cart, and more.


All of our next events and deadlines can be found on this calendar. Click on any event to find out more information. Some common events that we have are:

  • GBMS
  • Workshops (CAD, Arduino, Soldering, Python, etc.)
  • Study Jam
  • Game Nights
  • EWH 101