About Us

Established by Bob Malkin and Mohammad Kiani, professors at the University of Memphis, in 2001, Engineering World Health is a non-profit organization which inspires and mobilizes the biomedical engineering community to improve the quality of health care in vulnerable communities of the developing world. With this professional expertise, they install donated and newly-designed medical equipment, carry out repairs and build local capacity to manage and maintain the equipment. They also harness the resources of collegiate engineering programs through a network of university-based chapters and contract with Duke University to manage a summer program that sends student biomedical engineers to developing country hospitals where they repair broken equipment.

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Engineering World Health at UCSD is a nationally backed organization dedicated to improving medical health and living standards in developing communities around the world. Through student run projects and activities, we offer students the opportunity to develop engineering research and design skills, communication skills, and the chance to network with motivated, internationally aware individuals, all while contributing to solving vital international medical problems. Our core project is the development of a rapid, cost-effective device to detect for HIV resistance in patients in Mozambique, Africa

  • Finding workable solutions through innovation and creativity
  • Serving while learning from the most vulnerable communities
  • Promoting self reliance
  • Balancing challenge and safety for students and volunteers
To be recognized internationally as a leader in
  • Developing and introducing novel health care technologies appropriate for resource-poor settings
  • Responding to the challenges of developing self-sustainability in maintaining and repairing medical technology in developing countries
  • Mobilizing the biomedical engineering community to improve the quality of health care in resource-poor settings
  • Providing students and volunteers with the life-changing experience of contributing to improving lives in vulnerable communities